RAC 常用管理命令

Posted: 三月 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

1. view cluster status
     $crs_stat -t
2. stop and start cluster resources
     $srvctl stop nodeapps -n db1
     $srvctl stop nodeapps -n db2
     $srvctl start nodeapps -n db1
     $srvctl start nodeapps -n db2
3.view instance status
     $srvctl status database -d db
4.view listener status
    $lsnrctl status
5.start and stop database
    $srvctl start database -d db
    $srvctl stop database -d db
    $sqlplus “/ as sysdba”
    sql>shutdown immediate;
6.start and stop listener
    $lsnrctl start
    $lsnrctl stop
7. start and stop EM
    $emctl start dbconsole
    $emctl stop dbconsole
8.view EM status
    $emctl status dbconsole



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